Leasing Info

The Leasing information we collect will be used to determine if you qualify as a tenant. It will not be disclosed without your consent except to your employer(s) for verification of income and employment and to financial institutions for verification of assets, and as required and permitted by law. An Equal Housing Opportunity.

Additional Documentation in order to process your Application:

• Driver's License or ID Number for everyone over age 18
• Copy of Birth Certificate for each household member
• Copy of Social Security Card for each household member
• Verification of Income
• Verification of Disability
• Verification of Alimony
• Verification of Enrollment in Higher Education Institute and Hours
• Bank Statements (Last 6 Months)
• Verification of Medical Expenses - if disabled
• Verification of Childcare
• Copy of Life Insurance Policies

You do not have to provide the information, but if you do not, your application may be delayed or rejected

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